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Colored Bottle Tree Sculpture

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The legend goes like this: While the meaning of bottle trees continues to evolve as it has for centuries, one of the more common interpretations is that they protect the home and garden by catching evil spirits, which some say are attracted to the bottles by their bright colors (sometimes made by swirling paint on the inside of a clear bottle). Once inside, the sunlight destroys the spirit. Other interpretations suggest the spirits are trapped inside the bottles in the evening. Then, the morning sunlight destroys them. If you pass by and happen to hear the wind blowing across the bottles, it is thought to be the sound of the spirits trapped inside. Bottle trees have also been thought to bring rain, luck, and to make trees bloom. (

Approximately 50 inches tall, 30 inches wide and rock base is 21x12x12. Please keep in, this piece is custom made for you and may vary in size and shape which only adds to its uniqueness. Custom and special orders turnaround time will vary

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